About Us

Hey, it's great to have you here!

I'm Emma, proud creator of AuthentiK London.

I have put my photographic and creative skills to good use since 2015 and have created and grown a wonderful collection of London themed artworks, including postcards, greeting cards, prints and collages, as well as a carefully selected range of London souvenirs and gifts. 

So you can tell that I am a very big fan of this fantastic place on earth called London.

I love the awesome landmarks, the unique architecture, the remarkable history, the incredible sights, the views from the tops of the buildings, the little alleyways, the hidden gems and the quirky boutiques.

I love the stories of fantastic people that were bold enough to change the shape of the landscape, the creative souls that left such a mark through their works of art, that London would not be the same without their influence.

I love the incredible events that left traces all around the City for us all to be able to step back in history and experience what London life was like years and years ago. 

But most important of all, when I think of gifts or souvenir products that represent this wonderful place, I think of authentic and unique designs, high standard of finish, excellent quality, created by local artists and especially, made in Britain.

AuthentiK London is all about this. 

And after working for more than a decade in the wonderful world of tourism in the heart of London I have also developed a passion for sharing all these wonderful things with the world, through my photography, my artworks and products. 

So whether you're a local or you've visited London or you dream of visiting one day, I hope you will enjoy browsing through the collections and find your next gift idea for yourself or your loved ones. 



There are seven different collections in my range of products, each with its own story:

Landmarks of London Collection - this collection is out of this world. I am in love with bright, bold colours and geometric shapes and I made full use of them in designing the artworks used for this collection. It includes a variety of products, from mugs and bookmarks to prints and some really fantastic wooden puzzles. 

London Icons Collection - a collection designed to stand out bringing together bold characters with the iconic sights of the City with famous British names and traditions.

Skyline Collection - one of the things London impresses everyone with it the uniquely recognisable skyline. The artwork used for this collection puts together all the landmarks that are so famous that one only needs to see their silhouettes to know exactly what they are. 

Love London Collection - an unaltered photography collection of images taken over the years and carefully selected to show the most famous sights of London and also my favourite spots. Greeting cards and prints

Watercolour Collection - for this collection I have taken a few of my favourite images and gave them a timeless watercolour style feel that only enhances the beauty of the places or buildings shown.

Landscape Collection - a collection that shows the famous landmarks of London in bold and beautifully contrasting splashes of watercolour, my favourite painting technique.

Wren Churches Collection - this is the first collection that was published on paper back in 2015, as postcards, greeting cards and prints and it's very close to my heart as it is the wonderfully bold designs of the famous British architect Christopher Wren, that made me develop an interest in architecture, and London architecture in particular.  


Every single item in these collections is my way of sharing my passion with you and the rest of the world!

I welcome you to the best of London! X